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Uche Ezechim is a propehtic intercessor for the Nations. Through her experiences in childbirth she is sharing her story to empower and bless other women and young couples through her book The Fruitful Vine and Olive Shoots.

The Fruitful vine and olive shoots

According to the World Health Organization, every year an estimated 40-50 million abortions are done corresponding to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. Is it then possible that there are still couples who desperately desire to have children? Considering the medical advancement and inventions of treating infertility in today’s world, do people still have faith and trust in God for supernatural conception? The answers to these questions and more are hidden in this little treasure, The Fruitful Vine and Olive Shoots.  

I conceived the idea to write this book many years ago. I have patiently withheld sharing the full testimony of the birth of our three miracle children until now as friends, family and brethren only know the tip of the iceberg of the story.

This book contains the complete amazing praise report that will inspire anyone to eternally fear and reverence the Sovereign Lord.

I encourage every reader to be very sensitive to every single detail, apply the principles in this book to your life situation, study every scripture and believe every Word of God and prophetic declaration.
But above all, expect a miracle, for there shall be a performance of those things which are spoken to you by the Lord. Amen.

My target audience includes:

• Husbands and wives desperately waiting and trusting God Almighty for conception and miracle babies.

• Parents and grandparents standing in the gap for their married children for the fruit of the womb and safe delivery.

• Counsellors and prayer intercessors who daily counsel and stand in the gap for friends seeking for children.

• Those who know someone whose case needs only divine intervention and mercy to conceive and bear children.

• Those who need additional knowledge on infertility or delay in childbirth.

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